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Surprising Soundtracks #4: Spaceship Earth

UPDATE – Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Things have been pretty crazy in the last few weeks with airshows, a special event where I was able to showcase photos, and the delayed launch of!  I’ll be posting some blog posts in the coming weeks with info about the various fun things recently!  Back to the blog post…
One my favorite things to do is stumble across scores that, at first glance based on the movie/show that it provides background for, you’d automatically dismiss as most likely a low budget score with a synthesized sound at best.  But after watching the movie or listening to the score, you discover that the soundtrack leaps beyond your expectations.  Sometimes, the soundtrack can even overshadow the movie … [Read More]

Surprising Soundtracks #1: Run Fatboy Run

Let’s get right down to it, I’m a huge Soundtrack fan.  I work on computers editing photos, making websites, and etc quite often, and I find soundtracks are by far the best way to help keep me focused on the task at hand.  From mainstream composers like John Williams and James Horner to smaller film composers such as Christopher Young and David Schweitzer, soundtracks provide a wonderful score to a working day.  The collection of soundtrack scores I’ve acquired over the years grows every week it seems, both with old and new films.  And let’s not forget the increasingly ‘movie score’ quality of newer high budget TV shows, and even cartoons!  Put it all together, and you have a vast sea of symphony scores adding … [Read More]